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In-Common Music

Uncommon Tracks


In-Common Music is a full service music company dedicated to allowing images to speak for themselves. We understand there is a dialogue that needs to be established between the visual and the audio but the two should appear seamless. The image dictates the musical approach. In a sense it is like a ride...finding a direction.
Laurie Lewis is an award winning film and commercial music composer/producer. She has produced themes, scores and songs for films, television shows, documentaries and television commercials nationally and internationally. She has also produced music and sound design for the Motorola exhibit at Walt Disney World, permanent installations at the Empire State Building, and for kiosks at IBM and the Library of Congress.

She recently completed a feature length musical for children called the extraordinary day. it is currently at CAA in Califoria. she opened in-common music, a full service music and sound design production company, in 1994 and is currently expanding into the fields of public service and educational films.  She is creating songs and sounds for promotional use to encourage funding for organizations such as the UNFPA and Face to Face; organizations that are being proactive in helping the world. See "Stand Up And Vote" and "34 Million Friends" 
Her latest source of pride was writing and producing the 34 Million anthem and videos for the UN. This involvement has inspired her desire to dedicate more time to cultivating a creative coalition of concerned and talented people who also want to make a difference in our troubled world. 

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